The Assignments

Principles, Practices, and Project management

Week 1: About using GIT and managing projects.

Computer-aided design

Week 2: Computer-aided 2D and 3D design

Computer-controlled cutting

Week 3: Parametric design and understanding kerf.

Electronics production

Week 4: Making a predesigned ISP programmer

3D scanning and printing

Week 5: To make something that can be made only additively.

Electronics Design

Week 6: Designing the first board

computer-controlled machining

Week 7: Making something BIG

embedded programming

Week 8: Programming the first board.

Mechanical Design

Week 9: Designing the mechanics of a machine

Output Devices

Week 10: Making a board to control something.

Machine Design

Week 11: Making the mechanics into a working machine.

Molding and Casting

Week 12: To make a mold for casting.

Input Devices

Week 13: To make a board to read a sensor.


Week 14: To make structural casts

Networking and Comms

Week 15: To make several board that can talk to eachother.

Interface and Application programming

Week 16: To control a board with a computer.

Applications and Implications

Week 17: The application of the final project.

Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

Week 18: The legal engineering of the final project.

Project Development

Week 19: Last details of the final project.

Final Project